Players Executive Group is an organization of business leaders
that meet regularly in a relaxed atmosphere to network and be social.

Our Mission:

"To build, foster and maintain strong relationships, in a relaxed environment, centered around the game of golf."


Social Golf Outings

In just about any industry where interpersonal relationships matter, (and, really, in what industry don't they matter?) we use the game of golf as an effective networking tool. It has long been said, "it's not what you know, but who you know," and simply put, playing golf is a great place to get to know someone.

Topgolf Business Networking

Centered around golf in business, our events are structured to enhance the sociability of business networking. Events are organized for all skill levels and are designed to entertain, network and enjoy the company of friends and colleagues.


Organization Leadership


BJ Martin

Pond & Company
Mr. Martin is the founder of Players Executive Group and Senior Manager with Pond & Company. He supports business growth in architecture and engineering and local governments with customized strategies having a positive impact on community and fostering innovation.
Mark McKenzie

Mark McKenzie

Docqmax Digital Printing
As a second generation family owned business everything we do and every decision we make will be for the purpose of improving service for our customers, making the company more profitable, and improving the standard of living of our employees.

Jackie Kapres

Play Again Sports Injury Center
Owner of the Play Again Sports Injury Center/NFL Alumni Treatment Center in Atlanta that specializes in quick,non-invasive, research backed, and the most advanced technology for sports injuries.